Two young people who love explore

Hi there! We’re Damien and Alice. I’m Damien and I’m a first-year postgraduate student, majoring in atomic physics. Alice is studying art and design 🙂 We are both 25. We fell in love in high school, and we’ve been together for over 7 years! 

Why us?

We love Toys

  • When we were in high school, we were in a platonic relationship. After we had sex, we realized that it was not only important to love each other spiritually but also physically.
  •  We believe that sex toys are an expansion of our body parts which can bring more unbelievable pleasure.
  • We love using toys. We love using different toys. We are obsessed with seeking different pleasures and orgasms.
  • So we sincerely introduce every good product to you. We truly hope you can feel the same way.

We know how to serve you better

  • We’ve been doing e-commerce for neerly 2 years. We know how to pack well and ship well and serve you well. We committed to bring you the best shopping experience! Maybe we are young but we can certainly handle all the problems for you!

  • We have used every toy in Intimysea Store. We recommend every product here, but if you don’t know how to choose,  you can read our blogs or contact us.

  • If you would like to wholesale our products or any idea to coorperate, please contact us. We will try our best to help you.

We love explore More

  • If you read this, it means you are interested in us! You can leave a message at the checkout page like “LOVE DAMIEN AND ALICE!”, we will send you some little surprise gift~ If you wanna make friends, just send us email. 



  • If you wanna share, we’d love to know about your story. We will seriously listen to your feedback and improve your shopping experience.